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May 17, 2008

The Ecosexual is getting sexier!

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Buenostyle panties

What’s an Eco-sexual?

Let’s use it in a sentence:

“I would love to date an ecosexual person so we can bike to the farmers market together.”

Defined by the Urban Dictionary, an Eco-sexual is:

A term describing a person, in a dating sense, who is social and environmentally conscious. Similar to metrosexual, but for someone who wears and buys organic items and drives a hybrid car.

Treehugger mentions a survey that indicates that women like men who care about the environment

“UK men’s magazine, by the grand name of Nuts (warning: do not click this link in an open plan office) has apparently surveyed 1,500 women online to discover that the top ‘turn on’ women find attractive in men is ‘caring about the environment’. The magazines relation expert figures that women equate eco awareness with a man who isn’t selfish. ‘There’s something sexy about a man who recycles, it shows that he cares about more than just himself and shows he has a sensitive side and thinks about the future,’ she says.”

EcoGeek has a great article about how Eco-Geeks get all the girls….

3rd Whale provides a Green Dating Service

Treehugger also has a very practical article about how to green your sex life….

which includes:

#7. Eco-undies

Slinky, slippery, sexy. These are all good things when it comes to some sassy skivvies for the bedroom. Organic cotton, hemp silk, bamboo, and other renewable fibers make ultra-sexy lingerie and underwear. When browsing around, go for quality, not novelty. Buying a bedroom outfit that will be used only a couple times isn’t a great buy. Face it, unless you’re famous, nobody on Ebay is gonna buy those crotchless panties, even if you just wore them once. We suggest shelling out the extra bucks for something classy, sexy, and sustainable that can be donned when the mood is right for years to come. For something on the exotic end, check out Enamore and g=9.8. For sensible and simple, look at Buenostyle and American Apparel.

Also check out bgreen,

bgreen hot shorts

bgreen hot shorts

“bgreen is a third-generation, family owned and operated business in southern California.
We strive for performance and endurance. Simply put, each of our garments is built to last. Our designs are simple and bold, yet soft and sexy. We support local communities, fair trade and environmental preservation. We use exclusively certified organic cotton and low-impact dyes to make our fabric. “



  1. I’m a metrosexual, but I wear and buy organic items and drive a hybrid car. I would only date an ecosexual! Above the ignorance! Wear hemp clothes!

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  2. […] plants are because they are non-renewable, dangerous, and create radioactive waste.” Elisa presents The Ecosexual is getting sexier! posted at Not Just Pretty : Sustainable Style. Elisa was worried this article might not fit well […]

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  3. trade links? have you already on my web site Artzstuf.

    Comment by Ann Reilly — March 20, 2009 @ 10:50 pm

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