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October 18, 2008

LOU LOU Shops at Not Just Pretty Organic Clothing

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This month LOU LOU magazine went shopping in Victoria, B.C. in , “Where Canada Shops”, in “Insider Access : Where LOU LOU shops” by Briony Smith.

Many of our favorite stores are mentioned, including Roger’s Chocolates, Silk Road Tea, and Muffet and Louisa

Of course Not Just Pretty is featured!

Here’s an excerpt:

This city has awakened from its style-free slumber and emerged as a trend-setting powerhouse. Head to British Columbia’s capital for a double dose of old-fashioned setting and newfangled everything else, from jewellery and clothes to beauty booty and decor discoveries.

Not Just Pretty

Not Just Pretty

Eco-friendly fashion no longer calls up hazy images of hemp-swathed hippies and Birkenstocks. The sustainable-style movement has made Green dressing chic rather than bleak. Not Just Pretty carries pieces from over 40 independent designers who use fabrics that are not only eco-friendly or sustainable but also sleek and sexy because “our first priority is style!” says owner Pam Skelton. Sophisticated Stewart Brown cashmere sweaters ($400) and sleek EcoSkin dresses make dressing responsibly a snap. Some of the standout items for fall come from Toronto-based Thieves, like a long-sleeved butter-yellow turtleneck dress with black collar inlay. Accessorize with a bag from Canadians Ashley Watson, Red Flag Design or Sparrow and you’re ready to join the ranks of sustainable stylistas.

1036 Fort St.
250-414-0414 •
Prices: $20–$500



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